A Journey to Jeju Island

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Imagine a place of pure, unbounded beauty. A place unspoiled by modern meddling, untainted by technology’s conspicuous influence. Where virgin forests filled with verdant foliage harbor flora and fauna found nowhere else on Earth. Where herds of horses frolic through fields of wildflowers, where waves and waterfalls echo nature’s nurturing call. This place is fantasy manifest. This place is Jeju Island.

Situated off the southern coast of South Korea, this subtropical paradise boasts a bounty of biodiversity spanning from seashore to towering mountaintop, from meandering stream to monumental forest to flowering meadow. It is home to a tenacious, proud people determined to preserve their way of life, yet unafraid to share their great gifts with all who journey to their homeland.

According to ancient legend, this idyllic isle was conceived by the goddess Seolmundae Halmong, who filled her skirt with soil and stone, waded into the midst of the swelling blue sea, and placed the pieces into piles until an imposing island arose. In the middle of this newly hewn marvel, Seolmundae Halmong molded a mountain - a peak so massive it reached the Milky Way. Perhaps because she was so wise, the goddess gripped the stone summit in her palm, broke off the peak where it pierced the sky, and slung it into the surrounding sea. And so Jeju’s stately Hallasan Mountain, rising from the island’s center, was created.

Over many centuries, Jeju came to be known for its whipping wind, pervasive stone and stalwart women - each of these exerting its influence on the island, shaping its scenery, its culture, and its people, playing out the ancient myths that still persist today. Throughout its diverse history, the island’s inhabitants have fostered a peaceful coexistence with their serene surroundings, encouraging all species to flourish. It is their gift to us, this present, preserved - a wealth of natural riches waiting to be revealed.


Jeju Island has been shaped by the sea and molded by the mountain. At the shore, transparent turquoise waters teeming with wildlife meet brilliant, soft sand beaches that intermingle with black volcanic stone - stone that began as the fiery lava flowing from Hallasan, forming the caves and crevices so characteristic of Jeju today. Between them stand forests filled with 800 year old cypress, oak, and cedar that conceal hidden wonders - from waterfalls to all manner of wild creatures. This island’s ecosystem, evolved undisturbed over centuries, is recognized and protected by UNESCO at an unprecedented level:


The highest standard of preservation has been bestowed on the areas surrounding Hallasan, also known as Mt. Jeju. Biodiversity protection is the paramount priority: the preserve is surveyed, studied and closely monitored.


This is an area that has been deemed by the UN to have unparalleled cultural, historical or scientific significance worthy of protection by international treaty. Jeju’s volcanic topography, including its untouched lava tubes that form an intricate network of caves, has received this prestigious distinction.


The entire island of Jeju is designated a Global Geopark due to its uniquely valuable, undisturbed geology. This honor affords not only protection, but encourages the close examination and study of the island’s physiography.


The legacy of Jeju’s ancient rites and rituals, along with its pioneering, proud women, comprise an invaluable source of anthropological insight - an intangible gift that deserves preservation.


Like the island’s whispering winds, the spirit of Jeju has captivated the culture of VIALE Beauty. Our journey began as a chance encounter in the heart of Italy and evolved into a global experiment - a mission to redefine the rituals that elucidate our essential nature - from Florence to Los Angeles and finally, to Jeju Island. Nothing could be more natural than transforming its native treasures into a new standard, a superior sanctuary of beauty, now attainable for all.

Jeju is a place protected. It is being preserved for the present as well as the future, for the fate of the planet. So when we at VIALE Beauty promise that the products sourced from Jeju are cruelty free, that our ingredients are ethically harvested, and that our formulas are responsibly crafted, you understand that this is no idle claim. This is an unwavering philosophy - the legacy of Jeju Island.

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